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daemonwildcat ([personal profile] daemonwildcat) wrote2011-04-07 12:07 pm

New Beginnings

I finally pretty much closed my livejournal to life postings after 9 1/2 years there. I want to continue on in a fandomly direction, and what better way than a new journal. Bear with me while I learn the ins and outs here and get my account set up :)

My main fandoms include Top Gear (RPS), Firefly/Serenity, The New Dr. Who, and Torchwood. I also poke around reading NCIS, CSI, Harry Potter and RPF. Mostly I prefer slash, but I do ship some het pairings as well. I've written for Firefly and Top Gear, plus a little drabble for Dr. Who, all on LJ. I'll likely link them or repost them here after I get my journal in order.

Friends are awesome :) Feel free to friend me and if we share something in common, especially a fandom, I'll likely friend you back.