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Not sure I like the layout, but I feel the colour scheme matches my icon awfully well :) Thus it stays for now, though I may tweak it around later.

I've decided to archive my fic at AO3, after which I'll link to it here in a master post. same username there if you want to hunt me up (and same at LJ too if you want to see my junk there)
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I finally pretty much closed my livejournal to life postings after 9 1/2 years there. I want to continue on in a fandomly direction, and what better way than a new journal. Bear with me while I learn the ins and outs here and get my account set up :)

My main fandoms include Top Gear (RPS), Firefly/Serenity, The New Dr. Who, and Torchwood. I also poke around reading NCIS, CSI, Harry Potter and RPF. Mostly I prefer slash, but I do ship some het pairings as well. I've written for Firefly and Top Gear, plus a little drabble for Dr. Who, all on LJ. I'll likely link them or repost them here after I get my journal in order.

Friends are awesome :) Feel free to friend me and if we share something in common, especially a fandom, I'll likely friend you back.
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This journal is friends locked.

Nothing too exciting to see here, just some fandomly musings mixed in with quips from my life. If you want to read my fic, it's on AO3, linked on the right sidebar.

For those interested, my main fandoms are Top Gear, Firefly/Serenity, Dr.Who (Nine and Ten), Torchwood, Harry Potter, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

As for my life, I'm a wife, a mum, a barista and a baker. I live a quiet life in a quiet town.

If you'd like to friend me, I expect us have at least something (community, friends, general interests...) in common, and preferably had some interaction. Get to know me first!
I do not friend empty journals.

Erm, I also managed not to save the name of who created my FO banner *blushes* I think it's [livejournal.com profile] venusinthenight ? If it's yours, lemme know so I can credit, k?


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