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I'm a 31 year old baker, mother, and wife who just happens to spend a rather large amount of time reading fanfiction and occasionally writes it :)

My main fandoms include Top Gear, Firefly/Serenity, The New Dr. Who, and Torchwood.
I also poke around reading NCIS, CSI, Harry Potter and RPF.
Mostly I prefer slash, but I do ship some het pairings as well.

If you'd like to friend me, I expect us have at least something (community, friends, general interests...) in common, and preferably had some interaction.
I do not friend empty journals.
Please note that this is also a journal about my life outside of fandom.
I'm somewhat lousy at commenting on other peoples posts, and I never expect comments on mine because of it.
If you are on my friends page though, rest assured I've read every thing you've posted :)


If you're a leaf on the wind
If you aim to misbehave
If they can't take the sky from you
If you are going to the Special Hell
If you like the taste of Mudder's Milk
If you carry Serenity with you everywhere you go,
then you are a Browncoat, and you're with Family.


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